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Friday, September 21, 2018

Round Table CEOs give extensive presentation at Asian Shipowners Forum

The CEOs of the member associations of the Round Table (RT) of international shipowner associations (ICS, BIMCO, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO) were invited to address the Asian Shipowners Forum (ASF), which held its Annual Meeting in Queensland this week. This meeting was attended by the CEOs and many of the principal Executive Committee members of 14 Asian shipowner associations and provided the RT members with a much appreciated opportunity for an exchange of views on a large number of topics. 

In an extensive presentation to the senior representatives of the ASF the RT CEOs covered:

  • Maintaining the supremacy of IMO and international maritime law - against the challenges of local and regional legislation
  • Common Structural Rules and Goal Based Standards
  • Criminalisation of seafarers
  • Challenges to industry governance structures (specifically, flag, classification societies, port state control and P&I). 

They also held discussions on a host of other subjects, including:

  • Human factors / people issues
  • Piracy (and recent developments in the Asian region)
  • Ship recycling
  • Environmental challenges (principally ballast water management and air emissions)
  • EU and other Competition Rules
  • Maritime security
  • Proposals for revisions to the International Oil Pollution Compensation Conventions.

 These exchanges highlighted common concerns on many issues, including the political drivers for regional legislation with the potential to impact negatively on international shipping; regional developments to criminalise accidental oil pollution; the importance of encouraging IACS unity; the need for greater uniformity in port state control; and the importance of shipowners involving themselves more in the committees of the classification societies and especially on the boards of P&I clubs. There was also considerable discussion on the role of Class and the EU proposals that classification societies should split their statutory and classification functions, as well as on Common Structural Rules for tankers and bulk carriers.  

A copy of the formal presentation of the RT CEOs can be viewed on the INTERTANKO web site at: 

Contact: Peter Swift