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Monday, September 24, 2018

INTERTANKO’s 2006 Singapore Tanker Event launched in Singapore

INTERTANKO’s members and associate members will be welcoming guests from Singapore, from Southeast Asia and from all over the world, including an impressive line-up of guest speakers, to the association’s Singapore Tanker Event March 29-31, 2006. This gathering will be uniquely representative of the tanker industry, a place where we can meet Singapore’s business community, and a place where Singapore can meet the international oil and chemical transportation business.

Strategically positioned on the main route between West and East, between the Indian and the PacificOceans, Singapore is the hub of South East Asia’s oil and tanker activity. The island state is a focal point for the region’s oil trading, crude oil refining and chemical manufacture; for bunkering, provisioning and repair; for finance. Many international shipping, trading and financial operations have established local subsidiaries here to take advantage of this international business crossroads.

The Chief Executive of Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority, Mr Tay Lim Heng, welcomes INTERTANKO to the region: “The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is pleased to support the INTERTANKO 2006 Tanker Event. The vibrant shipping and oil sectors make Singapore an ideal meeting place for businesses to gather and exchange views. Tankers alone contribute over 30% to Singapore’s total shipping tonnage. The increasing number of tankers calling here testifies to the abundant business opportunities in oil refining and trading, bunkering, offshore and petrochemicals activities emanating from Singapore. We are very honoured to host the INTERTANKO 2006 Event. I wish INTERTANKO and the participants every success."

The two day Thursday/Friday conference programme will open with a number of high-powered keynote speakers who will establish the focus and direction of the tanker industry. It will include tanker and oil market analysis and discussion of what has been slowing the powerful momentum we have enjoyed in recent years, and what will be the driving forces of the market in the coming years.

Central to the event will be the Poseidon Challenge, which evolved out of the 2005 Athens Tanker Event and will be formally launched later this month. This is a  shipping industry initiative which takes our vision of the tanker industry as a responsible, sustainable and respected industry with the ability to influence its own destiny, and examines our commitment, challenging every link in the chain of responsibility, and every individual participant, to take practical steps achieve that vision.

Born out of a gathering of INTERTANKO members and their guests at Greece’s Temple of Poseidon, Ancient Greek God, Lord and Guardian of the Sea, the Poseidon Challenge will involve key figures from different parts of the chain of responsibility making a statement of practical commitment to work together fulfil that vision, to achieve a goal that everyone believes in where quality of service and protection of the environment are paramount.

The Singapore Tanker Event will officially start with a Welcome Reception on the Wednesday evening after a day of meetings of the Executive Committee and the Council. The programme will include our Annual General Meeting, an informal dinner and the Annual Dinner, as well as a tourist and social programme for partners. The event will be followed by a day or two at the weekend of optional recreational activities, including the INTERTANKO Golf Tournament at Raffles Country Club.

INTERTANKO’s Communications Manager, Bill Box, visited Singapore this week to set in motion local planning. Meetings were held with local members and associate members, and with the Singapore Maritime Foundation and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. A press briefing was also held.

Contact:Bill Box or John Fawcett-Ellis