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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Executive Committee meeting in London, 15-16 September 2005

The INTERTANKO Executive Committee held its third meeting this year in the Petersham Hotel in London. The agenda was extensive and substantial in length, and the following issues were among the items that were discussed in detail: 

International Law (Criminalisation) 

The Executive Committee reaffirmed its support for the principle of International Regulations being adopted and applied uniformly within the Tanker Shipping Industry and the preparedness of INTERTANKO to pursue appropriate strategies and actions to maintain this principle. 

The main concerns that were highlighted were: (a) international law as promulgated by the IMO should be upheld and (b) the rights of the maritime industry and seafarers in particular should be safeguarded to ensure that the industry is not discriminated against. 

International Oil Spill Liability and Compensation Regime 

The current issue of the possible revision of the International Oil Spill Liability and Compensation Regime was high on the agenda, and the Executive Committee agreed that the vital element of the Conventions is the guarantee that the victims of oil spills have an international compensation regime that serves their needs, i.e. a truly international regime that delivers adequate compensation promptly without victims’ recourse to the courts. 

The Executive Committee endorsed INTERTANKO’s commitment to the principle and adoption of appropriate measures to ensure an equitable sharing of the payments to the compensation regime made by the shipping and oil receiver interests, and the maintenance of the same into the future. 

Poseidon Challenge 

The Poseidon Challenge is an invitation to all participants in the Chain of Responsibility to join INTERTANKO members in a sustained commitment to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. It is founded upon the principle that the vital goals of “zero accidents” and the elimination of sub-standard shipping can best be achieved by voluntary, cooperative and self-motivated efforts. Further it recognises that importance of cooperation and that every link in the Chain of Responsibility is vital and must perform to the same high standard for society’s goals to be achieved. 

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in London on 10 November in conjunction with the next Council meeting. 

Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso