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Saturday, September 22, 2018

St Petersburg tanker conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities of tanker shipping from Russia and Central Asia

The technical difficulties of infrastructural development necessary to export the energy products from one of the biggest oil exporters in the world - the constraints of geography and weather on tanker transportation - the reactions of coastal states to laden tankers on innocent passage past their shores - trading tankers in ice - all sorts of political pressures… 

It is the challenges and opportunities provided by the maritime transportation of energy from Russia and Central Asia that are the subject of the second Mare Forum conference October 10-11 in St. Petersburg in Russia, organised jointly with INTERTANKO as a sequel to the ‘From Russia with Love’ conference in St Petersburg this time a year ago. 

INTERTANKO’s Managing Director Dr. Peter Swift will summarise the Environmental Challenges facing oil and chemical tanker owners today, highlighting that while owners have a primary responsibility they are also dependent on the services of many others, ranging from equipment manufactures and bunker suppliers to pilots and port authorities. Commitment to continuous improvement will be paramount if we are to achieve our goals. 

INTERTANKO's Research Manager Erik Ranheim will point to today's tense oil market and to the recent events that prove that our oil supplies are actually vulnerable. He believes that the situation in Russia has been moving towards stronger control of domestic resources, and the great production expansion seen in previous years cannot be expected to continue in the years to come, partly due to a slower increase in oil production in the area and probably also to higher domestic consumption. Europe is dependent on Russia for about one third of its demand and the dependence is increasing with lower North Sea production. 

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