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Saturday, October 20, 2018


19 October – Bunker Sub-Committee, St. Clare House, London 

The Bunker Sub-Committee will hold its next meeting on 19 October in INTERTANKO’s London office.

The agenda will continue to address issues related to MARPOL Annex VI and the EU Sulphur Directive. As requested by its parent committee (ISTEC) the Bunker Sub-Committee will consider problems and possible solutions with regard to bilge water discharges, and Indexing of ships for CO2, GHG (Green House gases) and VOC emissions (practical worksheet). Presentations will be given on Practices and Compliance with new regulations for bunkering, and on a particular fuel saving system. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta


18 - 22 October - Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers andAgents (FONASBA) Annual Meeting, Tokyo 

INTERTANKO will attend and provide input on the main developments of the Documentary Committee and interact on issues related to shipbrokers and agents. 

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen 


24 October – Latin America Panel, Miami, followed by Vetting Seminar 

A meeting of INTERTANKO's Latin American Panel members will be held at the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on 24 October 2005. Items to be discussed include the latest tanker market outlook, an environmental crimes briefing by the U.S. Department of Justice, recent U.S. legislative issues, ballast water management, revision of Annex II of MARPOL, the phase-out of single hull tankers. A vetting seminar will be held in the afternoon. 

Contact: Latin America Panel: Joe Angelo Vetting Seminar: Howard Snaith  


24 - 25 October – Hellenic Committee and Forum, Athens 

A meeting of the Hellenic Committee will be held over dinner on 24 October and the meeting of the Hellenic Forum on 25 October. These events will take place at the Metropolitan Hotel, Athens. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins 


28 October – Asian Regional Panel, Seoul 

The Asian Regional Panel will meet under the chairmanship of Dr JH Lee, SK Shipping on 28 October from 1100 - 1400 at the Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul. 

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis 


30 October - 1 November - Tripartite Meeting, Beijing

This year the Annual “Tripartite” meeting, organised by the Round Table of international shipping associations, will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing, P.R. China. These meetings provide a platform for shipbuilders, classification societies and shipowners to discuss issues of common concern such as shipyard capacity, contractual relationships and shipbuilding standards. Previous Tripartite meetings, held in Shanghai, Seoul and Yokohama, attracted delegates from leading builders, classification societies and shipowners.

Contact:Chantal Cheung-tam-he  


1-2 November - World Shipping (China) Summit, Shanghai

INTERTANKO will act as honorary organiser of the World Shipping (China) Summit 2005 to be held at the Pudong Shangri-la Hotel, Shanghai. The main organisers of this event are COSCO, Drewry, China Maritime and The Journal of Commerce.INTERTANKO representatives will be attending as ‘distinguished delegates’. Full information can be found on the website: 

Contact:Chantal Cheung-tam-he


9 November – INTERTANKO Communications and PR Committee, London 

Details will be provided at a later date. 

Contact: Sally Woulfe  


10-11 November – INTERTANKO Council, London 

The autumn Council meeting will take place on 10-11 November and will be held at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London. This is the first time INTERTANKO is holding its Council meeting at the IMO, and to mark the event the IMO Secretary-General Efthimios Mitropoulos will deliver the welcome remarks on the first day of the meeting. 

The Preliminary Programme is here. The Agenda and Agenda and Notes will be sent under separate cover.

If you wish to register for the Council meeting, please send in your Registration Form to the INTERTANKO office. Kindly make your hotel reservations directly using the Hotel Registration Form and please book before 11 October to make sure of obtaining the special delegates' rate. 

Contact: Minerva Alfonso


15-16 November - Environmental Committee, Dubai, UAE 

Hosted by Vela International Marine, the 21st meeting of the Environmental Committee will take place in Dubai, 15-16 November. While the Committee's agenda continues to deal with the critical environmental issues on INTERTANKO work agenda, including ballast water management, reception facilities and ship recycling, the Committee will also discuss INTERTANKO's role in promoting environmental sustainability in shipping. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins 


23 November – INTERTANKO Offshore Tanker Committee (IOTC), Oslo 

This meeting was previously scheduled for 20 October 2005. Details will be provided at a later date.  

Contact: Dragos Rauta  


24 November – Chemical Tanker Committee, Singapore 

Details will be provided at a later date. 

Contact: Howard Snaith  


29 November – Vetting Seminar, Singapore 

Details to be provided at a later date. 

Contact: Howard Snaith  


30 November – Vetting Committee, Singapore 

Details to be provided at a later date. 

Contact: Howard Snaith  


8 December – International Seminar on Tanker Safety, Pollution Prevention and Spill Preparedness, Shanghai 

On 8 December 2005 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Shanghai, the International Tanker Operators Pollution Federation Ltd (ITOPF), INTERTANKO and the Oil Companies’ International Marine Forum (OCIMF) will hold a one-day international seminar on tanker safety, pollution prevention and oil spill preparedness.

The sessions will include: Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention (chaired by INTERTANKO Chairman, Stephen Van Dyck); Liability and Compensation (chaired by OCIMF Chairman, Jan Kopernicki) and Spill Response Management (chaired by ITOPF Chairman, Helmut Sohmen).

The seminar is open to all in the tanker industry and registration is strongly encouraged at this event, which features leading industry speakers.

Click here for further information in English and click here for information in Chinese.

Click here for the booking form (English). 

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis