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Friday, November 16, 2018

INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting in London

The INTERTANKO Executive Committee last week held its fourth meeting this year under the chairmanship of Stephen Van Dyck at the IMO Headquarters in London, in conjunction with the autumn Council meeting.   

One of the issues that the Executive Committee focused on was the Association's governance structure and possible changes to it.  The Committee discussed the proposals made by the Chairman as outlined in a discussion paper on Governance Review which was circulated to the Executive Committee and Council.  

The aim of the governance review is two-fold: 

a)     to have a structure that will enable the Association to respond to the circumstances and industry challenges in a timely and efficient manner;

b)     greater involvement of senior representatives of the member companies in the establishment of the policies of the Association, recognising that they may be constrained in the time that they are able to devote to the principal meetings of the Association. 

In summary, the Executive Committee submitted the following recommendations to the Council - which were subsequently endorsed by the Council: 

  • Amend the Articles of Association to change the current one-year term of office of Executive Committee Members to a two-year term;
  • Streamline the Council Agenda Notes focusing on 4-5 key policy items;
  • Increase the use of e-mail as the means of communication when feedback or consultation is needed
  • Adopt a secret ballot for the election of Executive Committee members;
  • The Council reaffirmed the immense value of Panels and Committees, and this structure will be retained;
  • Council meetings to be organised with other activities, for instance, inviting other industry partners, as well as choosing strategic dates and venues to make it more attractive;
  • Possibly decrease the size of the Executive Committee (this is subject to further discussion).

The Executive Committee also discussed policy issues that were on the Council Agenda Notes.   

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in London on 2 February 2006. 

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