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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


3 March – Hellenic Forum, Athens 

INTERTANKO will hold its first Hellenic Forum meeting of 2006 next Friday, 3rd March at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens 

Members of the Forum will be receiving the agenda by e-mail. Please would they advise Adele Garnett of their attendance and any other requirements. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins 


14 March – CTC/CTSCA Committee, Houston 

A joint meeting of the Chemical Tanker Committee and Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (Americas) will take place on 14 March 2006 in Houston. Further details to follow. 

Contacts: Howard SnaithMargaret Doyle 


15 March – Vetting and Chemical Seminar, Houston 

An INTERTANKO seminar for all INTERTANKO members on vetting and chemical issues will be held for all INTERTANKO members on 15 March 2006 at Wyndham Greenspoint Hotel, Houston, TexasUSA.


Click here for a copy of the programme and a registration form. Please complete the registration form and return it to Adele Garnett advising your company name, name of delegates attending and if you will require lunch. Attendance is free of charge but the registration will enable us to arrange seating and lunch more efficiently. 

Contacts: Howard SnaithMargaret Doyle 


16 March – Vetting Committee, Houston 

The Vetting Committee will meet on 16 March 2006 in Houston, Texas. Further details to follow.  

Contact: Howard Snaith 


20 March - North American Panel, Stamford, Connecticut 

The North American Panel will meet on 20 March 2006 in Stamford, Connecticut. Further details to follow. 

Contact: Joe Angelo 


27 March – Tanker Chartering Seminar, Singapore 

A Tanker Chartering Seminar will be held on 27 March and will be hosted by Rajah & Tann at their offices in Singapore. 

Contact: Ann Saether 


28 March - Documentary Committee, Singapore 

A Documentary Committee meeting will be held on 28 March at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. 

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis 


28 March - Insurance & Legal Committee/Forum, Singapore 

An meeting of the Insurance & Legal Committee/Forum will be held on 28 March at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. 

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis 


29 March – Associate Members Committee (AMC), Singapore 

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) will conduct its second meeting in 2006. Responses received to the AMC Chairman’s letter to all associate members will be one of the main features. More details will follow. 

Contact:Gunnar A. Knudsen


29-31 March - Singapore Tanker Event 2006, ExCom/Council, Annual General Meeting, Poseidon Challenge 

INTERTANKO’s Annual Tanker Event will take place from 29-31 March 2006 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore. This will include the Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee and Council meetings. The last day will focus on the Poseidon Challenge. For more information, please see article above in this week’s Weekly NEWS, and also visit our website. 

Contact:Chantal Cheung Tam He 


25 April - Latin American Panel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

The Latin American Panel will meet on 25 April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Further details to follow. 

Contact: Joe Angelo 


3 October – Vetting Seminar, London 

A half day Vetting Seminar will be held on 3 October in London followed by a dinner in the evening for the Vetting Committee and seminar speakers. 

Contact: Howard Snaith 


4 October – Vetting Committee, London 

The autumn meeting of the Vetting Committee will be held this year on 4 October in London at INTERTANKO's office. 

Contact: Howard Snaith