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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Joint INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO Members Forum, London, 22 February 2006

Fifteen members and associate members of INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO attended the members lunch this week in the INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO offices in London.   

Maritime Security was the focus of this month’s forum, and a brief presentation from an incident management perspective was given by Capt. Barry McGrath from Gray Page.   

Capt. McGrath highlighted the importance of planning, both for ship and shore staff, to ensure that the incident is managed so as to have a successful conclusion. All shipping companies have contingency plans to cover incidents or emergencies such as collision, grounding, fire, crew accident and engine breakdowns; planning for a piracy attack is one more contingency to be added to the list.   

He underlined that company policy on piracy should be known to all company personnel.  Planning for shipboard personnel should include tactics to avoid detection, actions to prevent boarding and procedures to follow in the event of boarding. Planning for the shore personnel should be included so as to enable them to manage the incident ashore in case the ship is taken over and held for ransom. 

Capt McGrath is the Senior Security Consultant at Gray Page Ltd, a maritime investigations, intelligence and security consultancy firm based in Oxford.   

INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO’s London office organises a series of gatherings for its UK-based members, with the aim of providing members with a forum for the exchange of information and experience.  In addition, the objectives of these informal gatherings is to update members on topical issues as well as the current work programme of the various INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO Committees, thereby providing the opportunity for members to give their comments and feedback. 

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