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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


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Extended and expanded 6th edition of 'A Guide to the Vetting Process' now available  

INTERTANKO receives many requests for up-to-date information on the different ship inspection systems carried out by oil companies, port state control authorities, insurers, underwriters and other bodies. Such inspections form an essential part of the tanker vetting process. 

To overcome the lack of available information on vetting inspection systems, and to assist tanker crews and onshore personnel, INTERTANKO has published the 6th edition of 'A Guide to the Vetting Process'. The publication provides a concise, yet comprehensive description of the principal tanker vetting systems.  

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USD 130 for members/associate members

USD 180 for non-members 

This extended and expanded 6th edition is considered a MUST onboard each vessel and in shore offices to assist tanker crews and personnel ashore to better understand, and to be better prepared for, vetting inspections. 

Discounts are available for multiple orders: 11-20: 5% 21-30: 10% 31-40: 15% 41 and above: 20%  

If you have any questions regarding this publication, please phone Sally Woulfe in our London office +44 20 977 7022 or Petter Markussen in our Oslo office +47 22 12 26 40, who will be happy to help you.

Contact: Sally Woulfe


Commentary on SHELLVOY 6 just published  

On 16 March 2005 Shell launched Shellvoy 6, its updated form of tanker voyage charterparty. Shell's stated intention is to include in the new form all current amendments issued since 1987 and to "clarify standard interpretations and practice". Shell issued the new form together with an explanatory note and its standard template for recaps (both charter in and charter out) and accompanying notes as well as a note to brokers. The new charterparty form comprises three parts. Parts I and II form the main body of the form and Part III contains clauses for specific countries. 

INTERTANKO's Commentary on Shellvoy 6 is not comprehensive as it is confined to the material new amendments not previously circulating in the market and focuses on Parts I and II of the new form. It should be read in conjunction with INTERTANKO's commentary on the SHELLVOY 5, which is published in A Guide to Tanker Charters, which remains relevant to many of the clauses in SHELLVOY 6. 

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