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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) met in Singapore

Prior to the Associate Members Committee (AMC) meeting on 29 March 2006, the committee members and registered associate member representatives paid a very interesting morning visit to the Singapore Port Operations Control Centre No. 2. Beside a general introduction to the Port of Singapore, the visit also included a full demonstration of the heart of Control Centre No. 2, which provided an excellent insight into the monitoring of ship's traffic in the port and in the Malacca and SingaporeStraits.  INTERTANKO is, however, somewhat disappointed that so few managed to join the trip but the AMC will endeavour to arrange other interesting field trips for the associate members at future opportunities.

The AMC meeting scrutinised the responses from the associate membership to the AMC Chairman's letter dated 26 January 2006. Rather limited feedback has been received; however all were positive, and have included offers to attend AMC meetings in order to provide presentations on relevant issues. These offers are highly appreciated and are being followed up. The AMC hopes that this further interaction with the associate membership will help transform AMC into an even more active and topical discussion forum. A regular opening for a guest presentation at each meeting is therefore being considered.

The need for enhanced industry training was again recognised and further consideration will be given to how to contribute to and invigorate training and education opportunities within the tanker environment.

The representative for Port Agents gave an overview of the situation for the Gulf of Mexico oil industry infrastructure post the hurricanes Rita and Katrina. The figures still show tremendous setbacks for the U.S. oil production, pipe lines and refining capacities.

The Class representative gave an interesting presentation on how DNV sets competency standards under the SeaSkill programme and how systematic training of seafarers is conducted under the DNVAcademy training efforts.

The Flag representative gave a presentation on Seafarer Certification and on the recent revision of the ILO Convention. Both presentations will be made available.

All above presentations will be made available at the first opportunity, including on the INTERTANKO web at:

The AMC Secretary gave a report on the preparatory quality screening of the applicants for associate membership, all of which were endorsed by AMC and will be recommended to the INTERTANKO Council for approval.

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen