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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ship vetting – get it right with INTERTANKO’s newly updated publication

Ship vetting remains a major issue for all those operating tankers in the spot market or involved in period chartering. Giving accurate and timely responses to the questions of a potential charterer can help secure business in what is an extremely competitive environment. 

To overcome the lack of available information on vetting inspection systems, and to assist tankercrews and onshore personnel, INTERTANKO has published the 6th edition of 'A Guide to the Vetting Process'. The publication provides a concise, yet comprehensive description of the principal tanker vetting systems. 

Click here to view the table of contents of ‘A Guide to the Vetting Process’.

INTERTANKO recommends that this extended and expanded 6th edition be placed onboard each vessel, as well as in shore offices, to assist tanker crews and shore personnel to understand more thoroughly, and to be better prepared for, vetting inspections. 

While on the subject of chartering tankers, INTERTANKO has published a commentary on the material new amendments to Shell’s Shellvoy 6, which was launched earlier this year. This Commentary is not comprehensive but is confined to the material new amendments not previously circulating in the market, and focuses on Parts I and II, which make up the main body of the new form. It should be read in conjunction with INTERTANKO’s commentary on SHELLVOY 5 which is published in A Guide to Tanker Charters

Click here to view the table of contents of ‘Commentary on SHELLVOY 6’.

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