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Friday, September 21, 2018

New terminal satisfaction sheet for terminal database

As part of ongoing work within the Vetting Committee, INTERTANKO has now made available a Terminal Satisfaction Sheet (TSS) which is a simple one page feedback form. The concept behind this form is to enable the ship and the operating company to acquire useful feedback from the shore terminal on a ship’s performance, prior to the ships departure, focusing primarily on the safety aspects of the vessel, with the aim of achieving continuous improvement.

The intention is that the ship would request a responsible person, representing the terminal, (this may be the jetty foreman for example or other terminal representative), to complete and sign the form. The Master would then submit this to the operating company in the usual manner.

To stimulate input and support from the ship, we encourage the office to supply feedback to the vessel on the points raised. We firmly believe that shore support to the ship is important to ensure its successful use of the TSS

However, whilst we anticipate that the majority of the TSS received will be positive what's important will be the small amount which are not and its these that will be effective in the seeking the goal of continual improvement.

The TSS can be accessed here Terminal Satisfaction Sheet

At the same time, members should be aware that the Terminal Vetting Database (TVD) continues to grow both in member participation and positive response from terminals who are both members and non-members of INTERTANKO.

The purpose of the TVD is to make available information about terminal and berth conditions at tanker ports around the world, through a very simple web-based database. It is not overly ambitious in the scope of information collected, but is based on a simple one-page report form with 15-20 questions. This form was developed by experienced mariners and distributed to a few tanker companies that have helped INTERTANKO develop the concept and provided reports so that the database could be properly tested. Members are encouraged to distribute the report form throughout their tanker fleet and utilise the web access function to upload their completed reports.

A function has been included in the database so that companies that elect to do so may enter the data directly into the database and retrieve information from the database in due course. Until we have achieved critical mass in terms of information in the database, the output will be in the form of a factual overview of specific areas or port/ terminal/berth specific reports generated by INTERTANKO.

The Terminal Vetting Database may be accessed here.

Contact: Howard Snaith