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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting

INTERTANKO Chairman Stephen Van Dyck chaired a well-attended Executive Committee meeting on 21 June 2006 at INTERTANKO’s London office.

The Association’s Executive Committee now consists of M. Tamiya, (Vice-Chairman), NYK Logistics and Megacarrier; P. Decavele, (Vice-Chairman), Brostrom Tankers SAS; 
A. Hamzah bin Azizan, American Eagle Tankers Inc; H. Jørgen Firing, Westfal-Larsen Group; N. Fistes, Euronav NV; B. Hermelin, Samco (Services) Ltd; Capt. R. Johnston, OSG Ship Management Inc; D. Koo, Genesis Maritime (Canada) Ltd, Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd, Vancouver, and Valles Steamship Co. Ltd, Hong Kong; J. Lee, SK Shipping; L. Mossberg, Marinvest AB; S. Rosina, Premuda SpA; E. Vordonis, Thenamaris Ships Management Inc; Capt. G. Westgarth, Teekay Marine Services, Teekay Shipping (Canada) Ltd.

The Committee noted a shortlist of state-owned companies which had shown an interest in joining the Association as full members. This is a follow-up from previous discussions of the Executive Committee and the Council and the subsequent approval of the AGM at its recent meeting in Singapore, to amend the Articles of Association, and admit state-owned companies operating on a free, competitive and commercial basis as full members of INTERTANKO. 

The revised Terms of Reference of the Vetting Committee and its nine (9) working groups were endorsed by the Committee. These revised Terms of Reference will ensure a fair and reasonable rotation system for committee members, which addresses the current issue whereby a number of members who wish to join the Vetting Committee are unable to participate due to limited seats available.

The Executive Committee noted the draft Terms of Reference for the Human Element Committee, and provided the Secretariat with useful insights into the initial scope of the Human Element Committee. The Executive Committee nominated Amir Azizan as temporary Chairman of the Committee, and agreed that more work should be done to plan its activity as well as to define its purpose and focus.

It has been decided that the Communications and PR Committee should be suspended and will be reconstituted once a formal review process has been undertaken.

The initial arrangements for the Tanker Event in Houston at the end of March 2007 were noted by the Committee. The Secretariat mentioned that a key component of next year’s tanker event will be the Poseidon Challenge. These sessions will give an opportunity to participate to some of those sectors/links in the chain of responsibility who were not at the Singapore launch of the Poseidon Challenge.

Policy items discussed by the Committee included INTERTANKO’s future policy on air emissions, and also oily water separators, which led to a lengthy discussion regarding the  Association’s membership criteria and membership policies as well as Guides for Best Practices - not only for INTERTANKO members but also for the industry at large.

A policy update was given by the Secretariat on the following issues:  Ship Source Pollution Directive; California Air Resources Board Air Emission Standards; Massachusetts Lawsuit; Lawsuit on ballast water discharges.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in Singapore on 26 September 2006.

Contact: Minerva Alfonso