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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

IT Committee Meeting

The IT Committee met in INTERTANKO’s London Office on 12 June 2006.  The meeting was chaired by the committee’s newly elected Chairman, Eyvind Klewe, Manager Information Services at Brostrøm Tankers AS.

The Committee agreed at its last meeting in Singapore that the activities and the issues of INTERTANKO’s IT Committee are equally applicable to both wet and dry, and has therefore invited INTERCARGO and Intermanager to join future Committee meetings.  Several useful inputs were received from both Associations at the 12 June meeting.

Following a lengthy discussion on the issue of standardisation, the Committee agreed to:

  1. Provide a facility or framework for a referential library of Ship Equipment

The lack of manuals on existing ship equipment, as well as difficulty in obtaining these from manufacturers, has been a long-standing issue in the IT Committee. It was agreed that it may be an idea for the Committee to develop a repository where INTERTANKO members can upload their existing manuals and thereby provide a facility where members can share information.

The reference library will be categorised and the Committee agreed that it will first start focusing on anti-pollution equipment.

  1. Provide a facility for a directory of standards and codes

In much the same way as the repository of manuals for ship equipment, the Committee also agreed that it will be useful for IT Departments of members to have a repository of standards and codes which can be used inter alia for developing databases. Two such examples are  universal currency codes and country codes.

The Committee also had  initial discussions on possible future initiatives and activities with regards to IT training for crew; CBT training as well as on-board distance learning software. INTERTANKO members indicated on the replies to the IT Questionnaire sent last year, that these are the most relevant issues and will most benefit members.

Contact:  Minerva R. Alfonso