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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

July joint INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO members’ lunch focuses on fatigue as part of the human element

The next members’ lunch in London for UK-based INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO members will focus on the issue of human fatigue. It will take place on Wednesday 12 July 2006 from 12.00 to 14.30 at our London office.

A brief presentation on the human element, which will focus on the issue of fatigue, will be given by Steve Goodwin of DNV Maritime Solutions, followed by a question and answer session. INTERTANKO MD Dr. Peter Swift will also update members on the recent setting up of INTERTANKO’s Human Element Committee. The INTERTANKO Council, at its meeting in Singapore last March, decided to establish a new group focusing on the human element in recognition of its crucial importance to the tanker industry and to all aspects of the Association’s technical and operational work. 

The INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO London office organises a series of gatherings for its UK-based members, with the aim of providing members with a forum for the exchange of information and experience. In addition, the objective of these informal gatherings is to update members on topical issues as well as on the current work programme of the various Committees, and to provide the opportunity for members to give their comments and feedback. 

Kindly contact our UK Regional Manager Minerva Alfonso by July 5 to register for the above event. 

Contact: Minerva Alfonso