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Thursday, November 15, 2018

No. 36/2006




Cameroon – new electronic Cargo Tracking Note

The Cargo Tracking Note, locally named 'Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons (BESC)', applies to every type of cargo to be discharged to or loaded from Cameroon , except cargo in transit, as from 15 September 2006.   Sea carriers must inform the shipper/receiver that a BESC must be issued and produced to local authorities prior to unloading/loading. The exact responsibilities of the...... More


New IACS Unified Interpretation for remotely located survival craft

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) has issued Unified Interpretation SC 213 , which will be applied by its Members from 1 January 2007 when acting as Recognised Organisations, unless otherwise instructed by Flag State Administrations .   The Unified Interpretation has been developed to identify safety features for areas where remotely located survival craft are...... More


Cost bench-marking – dry-docking costs

INTERTANKO regularly receives enquiries about the setting up of a cost bench-marking pool, but to justify investing in a database we need support from a sufficient number of members. Any members interested should contact INTERTANKO's Manager Research and Project Section Erik Ranheim     (47) 22 12 26 75. An adjustable form has been created for recording costs. We have recently received some cos...... More


The Associate Members Committee (AMC) will meet in London on 19 September

The 20 th meeting of the Associate Members Committee (AMC) is scheduled for 19 September 2006 at the INTERTANKO London office.   In line with AMC’s policy all associate members have received a copy of the draft agenda, for information and with an invitation to contribute additional issues. No such additional input has been received but the AMC again expects to conduct an active and constructive...... More


European Parliament to oppose extension of pilot’s role

It was pleasing to see that the European Parliament is set to oppose the extension of the pilot’s role to include reports of visible deficiencies on board.   The European Commission is keen to ensure that Europe ’s port state control directive, which is part of the Third Maritime Safety Package, extends to deepsea pilots the port pilots’ existing obligation to report defects.   INTERTANKO, and...... More


Record contracting in 2006 puts pressure on single hulls

Some 49 m dwt of tankers have already been contracted this year, and the total for the year is likely to pass the last post-1970s peak in 2003 of 49.5 m dwt.     It is undoubtedly the high freight rates that have stimulated contracting, with owners having good liquidity after a long period of good profitability. Time is also running out for single hull (SH) tankers. While it may be the percepti...... More



  • 31 August – Documentary Committee meeting, Stavanger
  • 14-16 September - Tripartite Meeting, Seoul
  • 19 September - Associate Members Committee (AMC) meeting, London
  • 21 September – Bunker Sub-committee meeting, Athens
  • 22-23 September – INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee meeting, Spetses
  • 25-26 September – INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting, Singapore
  • 27 September – Asian Regional Panel, Singapore
  • 27 September – Members’ Reception, Singapore
  • 2 October – Vetting Seminar, London
  • 3 October – Vetting Committee meeting, London
  • 3 October – Tanker Chartering Seminar, Mumbai
  • 23 October – Insurance & Legal Committee meeting, London
  • 24 October - North American Panel meeting, Houston, Texas
  • 2-3 November - World Shipping (China) Summit, Shenzhen
  • 8 November – Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, London
  • 13-14 November – INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting, London
  • 14-15 November – INTERTANKO Council meeting, London
  • 6 December – ITOPF/INTERTANKO: Tanker Safety & Pollution Prevention Seminar, Dubai
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