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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Poseidon Challenge publication launched in Greece

The Poseidon Challenge publication, launched this week in Athens with a media gathering on board the schooner Mania in the lee of Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, is a summary of the expressions of support, enthusiasm and commitment of leading influential and authoritative figures of the maritime world, who met earlier this year in Singapore for the first Poseidon Challenge Day, to express their own ideas and add their individual stamp as we:


·         Work more closely with others inside and outside our sector

·         Improve the health and safety of our employees

·         Focus on our stewardship of the marine environment

·         Advance our individual efforts to raise the bar and excel


On board the schooner Mania (by courtesy of Capt. Panagiotis and Mr. Nikos Tsakos) to  support and explain the Poseidon Challenge and answer questions from the media, were:


Stephen Van Dyck, Chairman of the Poseidon Challenge (and Chairman of INTERTANKO); Emmanouel Vordonis, Vice Chairman of Poseidon Challenge (and Executive Director of Thenamaris Ships Management);

Nicky Pappadakis of AG Pappadakis & Co Ltd, Chairman of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) and Chairman of INTERCARGO;

Yiannis Andreopoulos, Technical Adviser to the Union of Greek Shipowners;

Levent Ballar, General Manager of the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA);

Representatives from the Ministry of Greek Mercantile Marine.


The Poseidon Challenge is a long-term part of the work programmes of all those who adopt what it stands for, as they aspire to achieve continuous improvement, and set (and achieve) new goals of excellence - includingstriving to achieve zero fatalities, zero pollution, zero detentions.


The Poseidon Challenge encourages people to work together, and to work effectively together with other sectors. Participants have in common the desire to make a difference in the way they, their company and their sector work, like ripples spreading from a drop of water. This includes the ambition of encouraging spiritual motivation.


“Each and every participant is here to make a commitment to continuous improvement and to make it stick. It’s about improving the way we run our businesses. We need to have people here who really want to be here, who want to make a difference. Basically it’s all about changing what we do. If you do what you did, then you get what you got.”


- Stephen Van Dyck, Chairman Poseidon Challenge, Chairman INTERTANKO.


“Revitalising our spiritual values will take us beyond fundamentals to a higher level of excellence. The Poseidon Challenge can re-import our heart and our soul into management systems and into our human behaviour thereby bringing us nearer to achieving true excellence.”


- Emmanouel Vordonis, Vice Chairman Poseidon Challenge, Executive Director, Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.


“Poseidon Challenge is about an obsessive and sustained commitment to best practices, a willingness to embrace change, an openness and desire to learn from our mistakes. Ultimately if it is not supported by time, energy, money and passion, it won’t work. We have to walk the talk.”


- Graham Westgarth, President, Teekay Marine Services, Teekay Shipping (Canada) Ltd.


Click here for downloadable pdf of the Poseidon Challenge publication.


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