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Sunday, September 23, 2018

INTERTANKO Chairman meets Tokyo-based members

As part of his fourth visit to Asia in 2006, INTERTANKO’s Chairman Stephen Van Dyck visited members in Tokyo earlier this week together with INTERTANKO’s Managing Director, Peter Swift, and Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific, Tim Wilkins.


Having visited members around Tokyo, Van Dyck welcomed Japanese members to a reception held at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo on Tuesday 31 October. At the reception, which attracted 40 senior individuals from member and associate member companies, he spoke of the continuing need and intent to develop the Association’s presence in Japan and the Asia region in general. He continued by stating that an active Asia membership for INTERTANKO will ensure an international approach from the association on all its issues regardless of whether the focus for the issue is in the Americas, Europe or Asia.


Van Dyck was encouraged by the positive and strong support shown by the members at the reception and will seek to coordinate further activities not just in the Asian region but also in Japan over the coming year.


Many of those present or visited by the INTERTANKO Chairman also joined him on his journey from Tokyo to Shenzhen where the COSCO World Shipping (China) Summit was held later this week. See separate report for details. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins