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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Report from INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting

This year’s fourth Executive Committee meeting was held this week in London prior to the INTERTANKO Autumn Council meeting.  The Committee discussed policy items on the Council Agenda, under the chairmanship of Stephen Van Dyck, and outlined recommendations to the Council on key issues.


Among the items discussed were:  Air Emissions, Information Sharing / IACS Early Warning System (EWS), Ship-Source Pollution Directive, Helsinborg Regulation, the Lawsuit on Ballast Water Discharges, and the Athens Convention.  There was also a lengthy discussion on the new Terms of Reference of the Communications and Public Relations (CPR) Committee and INTERTANKO’s Membership Criteria and Best Practices Policies.  In particular, the Committee extended its support for the Association’s planned programme for officer training, which will include a recommendation to INTERTANKO members to commit to enlisting Apprentice Officers (Cadets) for each vessel operated, as part of an industry-wide effort to increase the number of qualified competent officers at sea.


With regard to the policy on several U.S. issues where regional regulation threatens to usurp federal and international regulation, the Committee reaffirmed INTERTANKO’s fundamental principle to uphold the supremacy of international law as laid down in carefully negotiated and binding conventions.  The same conclusion was reached by the Committee when discussing the Helsinborg Regulation.  Sweden is a party to MARPOL 73/78 and UNCLOS and the Swedish court’s ruling permits national regulations that are not in conformity with these international treaties. 


The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in London on 30 January 2007.


Contact:  Minerva Alfonso