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Wednesday, November 14, 2018





Igor Ponomarev will be deeply missed

Sadness, shock and disbelief have greeted the sudden death of Igor Ponomarev. He was Chairman of the International Maritime Organization's most senior technical committee, the Maritime Safety Committee. He chaired his first session in May this year and was working towards the next MSC meeting, due to be held in Istanbul at the end of this month, when he died.   It is thought that he suffered a...... More


Corporate Social Responsibility highlighted at Manila Manning and Training Conference

The seventh Asia-Pacific Manning and Training Conference this week in Manila , had as its theme "Corporate Social Responsibility & Strategies to Meet Industry Challenges", and brought together regional and international companies and organisations.   The President of the Filipino Shipowners' Association and President and CEO of Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc., Carlos Salinas, provided the...... More


AMSA issues Marine Notice 19/2006 on discharge standard for liquid substances mixed with oil

The Australian Maritime Authority (AMSA) has issued Marine Notice 19/2006 , the purpose of which is to advise ship owners, operators, relevant seagoing personnel, agents and shippers of the potential for certain liquid products under Annex II of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL 73/78) to be mixed with oil when carried as a cargo on ships.   There a...... More


Q&A web site on IACS Common Structural Rules

On 1 November 2006, the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) launched a web site containing Questions and Answers with regard to the IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR) on oil tankers and bulk carriers. This can be accessed at   According to the new IACS Procedural Requirement for the Maintenance of CSRs, the IACS Secretariat is setti...... More


Air emissions legislation - timeline for enforcement

To assist members with an easy overview of various enforcement dates for restrictions on the sulphur content in fuels used by ships, the Secretariat has prepared a table that can be seen here .   Details on the various rules and regulations can be obtained at:   - MARPOL Annex VI - EU Sulphur Directive   - California Air Resource Board regulations     Contact: Dragos Rauta ... More


Wartsila - updated Low Sulphur Guidelines

An updated guide from Wartsila can be seen here . The document guides ship operators on the best practice for safe operations according to regulations demanding the use of low sulphur marine fuels. It also provides guidelines for design modification for newbuildings to facilitate such new operational practices.   Contact: Dragos Rauta ... More


INTERTANKO speaks at Green Ship Technology Asia Conference, Hong Kong

The Green Ship Technology events have now been running for over four years and the progress which has been witnessed in the industry on relevant issues during those four years was evident in the leading discussions at this year's event held this week in Hong Kong .   The opening speakers provided a framework for discussion during the course of the two days. In addition to an awareness of the...... More


INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Review 01/2006 now available!

We are pleased to advise that the INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Review is now available ( click here to view). A host of issues are included in this round-up of chemical issues such as updates on the revision of MARPOL Annex II, issues raised at meetings of the Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) and Chemical Tanker Sub-committee Americas (CTSCA), Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) matters, U.S....... More


INTERTANKO issues its Practical Guide to Revisions to MARPOL Annex II

INTERTANKO is pleased to advise that it has this week issued its Practical Guide to the Revisions to MARPOL Annex II. This contains 40-plus pages of practical guidance regarding the revisions to MARPOL Annex II , the associated revisions to the International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (IBC Code), including the effects upon the carriage ...... More


INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO joint Technical Seminar, Mumbai just over ten days away

Just over ten days to go until the joint INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO technical seminar on 22 November 2006 in Mumbai, aimed primarily at the associations' joint members and associate members in the region.   Key issues up for discussion at the seminar will be as follows:   Global governance structures and upholding international law - Dr Peter Swift, Managing Director, INTERTANKO Annex V and the...... More


Agenda of Chemical Tanker Committee #27 meeting

When the Chemical Tanker Committee met this week in London . Issues and updates discussed included the Inter-Industry Group, revisions to MARPOL Annex II, Marine Safety Data Sheets, various submissions to the IMO on chemical issues, and the Federal Clean Air Act.   The full Agenda can be downloaded here . The Minutes of the meeting will be circulated once they have been approved by the Committe...... More


Corporate social responsibility in shipping and aviation to be compared at the 9th Cadwallader Memorial Lecture - 16 November

A reminder to our members that the 9th Cadwallader lecture will take place at Lloyd's of London on 16 November at 1730 hours . INTERTANKO Council Members may note that this lecture coincides with the INTERTANKO autumn Council Meeting to be held in London 14 November 2006.   Chaired by INTERTANKO's Chairman, Stephen Van Dyck, the lecture will move into a new dimension to involve aviation issues....... More


Global energy trends good news for tanker owners with one third of long term oil/gas supply increases slated from the Middle East

The projections of the new International Energy Agency (IEA) Global Energy Trends are relatively good news for tanker owners.   Global primary energy demand in the Reference Scenario is projected to increase by 53% between 2004 and 2030 – an average annual rate of 1.6%. Over 70% of this increase will come from the developing countries. Globally, fossil fuels will remain the dominant source of...... More



  • 13 November – INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting, London
  • 14 November – INTERTANKO Council meeting, London
  • 15 November - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO workshop on "Meeting the requirements of the new E.U. competition rules", London
  • 22 November – INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO joint Technical Seminar, Mumbai
  • 22 November - INTERTANKO Offshore Tanker Committee, Oslo
  • 29 November - Documentary Committee meeting and dinner, London
  • 6 December – ITOPF/INTERTANKO: Tanker Safety & Pollution Prevention Seminar, Dubai
  • 10 January 2007 - Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC), London
  • 7 February 2007 - Joint Chemical Tanker Committee & Chemical Tanker Sub-Committee (Americas) meeting, Houston
  • 8-9 February 2007 – Latin American Panel meeting, Panama
  • 15 May 2007 - Half day (p.m.) Vetting Seminar, Athens
  • 30 May 2007 - Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, Singapore
  • 18 October 2007 - Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, London
  • Vetting Committee meeting Athens 16th May 2007
  • 21 November 2007 – Half day (p.m.) Vetting Seminar Hong Kong, China 21st November 2007
  • 22 November 2007 - Vetting Committee meeting, Hong Kong, China

... More


3 EASY WAYS TO ORDER:   Download an order form and fax to our Oslo office on +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail to Order directly from our online bookshop     ** 'Vetting Clauses - A Practical Guide' * * NEW PUBLICATION   For some time now INTERTANKO has been producing model vetting clauses for both time and voyage charter parties. These have been amended on a...... More



Lloyd's List, 9 November 2006 - Doubt cast on owners' call to reduce sulphur emissions Tradewinds, 10 November - Fuel switch roils owners (misprint in the headline?) ... More