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Thursday, November 15, 2018

INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum elects younger generation to chairmanship and refreshes Greek Council membership

The autumn meeting of the Hellenic Forum (and Hellenic Committee) took place in Athens this week, under the chairmanship of Manolis Vordonis of Thenamaris Ships Management.


Having completed his two-year term as leader of the Hellenic Forum, Vordonis stepped down as Chairman, and encouraged the Association’s Greek constituency, which represents almost a fifth of the membership’s tonnage, to work together to become even more effective.


The Hellenic Forum unanimously agreed with Vordonis’ recommendation that Costis Kertsikoff (CEO of Eletson Corporation) take over the helm of the Forum. Kertsikoff was recommended as being a person of the younger generation in shipping who is known, trusted and possesses the experience to continue guiding the Forum to create an even better INTERTANKO. Vordonis remains a member of INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Poseidon Challenge. The Forum elected two Vice-Chairmen, Dimitris Korkodilos (CEO of Andriaki Shipping) and Kostas Vlachos (COO of Consolidated Marine Management).


At the meeting the Forum also elected/re-elected the 12 INTERTANKO Council members representing Greece, including several newcomers to the Council, i.a. Vassilios Bacolitsas (Director, Sea Pioneer Shipping Corp), Dimitris Dragazis (Chairman, Consolidated Marine Management), Takis Koutris (Managing Director, Roxana Shipping SA) and Leonidas Polemis (Seacrest Shipping Co Ltd).


The Forum also discussed various administrative matters concerning the future of the Hellenic Forum – in the context of the overall functioning of INTERTANKO’s regional Panels - and its structure, which will be raised at the next Council meeting in November.


Other items discussed were INTERTANKO’s strategy on air emissions, the human element (training experience and retention), tanker incidents and information sharing, Poseidon Challenge, Istanbul Tanker Event 2008 and Maritime Industry Foundation.


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