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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

No. 43/2007




Poseidon Challenge - new website, new publication and new Award

This week sees the publication of the full report of the second Poseidon Challenge Day in Houston earlier this year. This was a stimulating day with updates on commitments made by heads of industry sectors in 2006 at the first Poseidon Challenge Day in Singapore , and with new commitments to continuous improvement and cooperation as more people aim for the zero goals of the Poseidon Challenge –...... More


13th Session of the IMO Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards (ESPH)

INTERTANKO participated in the 13th Session of the  IMO Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards (ESPH) of the of the Bulk Liquids and Gases Sub-committee (BLG), held in Tokyo, Japan, from 22-26 October 2007.  Agenda items discussed included:   The Evaluation of Cleaning Additives - Consideration of the procedure for the re-evaluation of cleaning additives based on MEPC.1...... More


Technical problems when delivering waste to reception facilities

INTERTANKO is seeking feedback from its members relating to technical problems which have been experienced when discharging waste to port reception facilities.   As part of both the IMO's Action Plan on port waste reception facilities and the Industry Reception Facility Forum activity, INTERTANKO is requesting input on cases when discharging waste to reception facilities has been hampered or...... More


Ballast treatment technology gains type approval

Only three months after the IMO decided that there was an insufficient number of ballast treatment systems available to meet the first implementation deadline of the IMO's Ballast Water Convention, NEI Treatment Systems Inc. has gained type approval for its ballast water treatment system.   NEI Treatment Systems was awarded the INTERTANKO Environmental Challenge Award in 2004 and has now become...... More


International shipping out in force in St. Petersburg

Senior representatives from the IMO, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), European Commission, Maritime Administrations, Port State Control (PSC), classification societies, maritime universities, shipping associations and other organisations met last week (17-18 October 2007) in St Petersburg.   The occasion was the Tenth International Seminar hosted by the Russian...... More


INTERTANKO gives presentation at BP Vetting Seminar, London

INTERTANKO was invited to attend the BP Inspector Vetting Seminar this week in London to present "The Ship Owners' Perspective of the Inspection Process". The presentation, given by INTERTANKO's Marine & Chemical Director, Capt Howard Snaith, may be accessed here or viewed on the INTERTANKO web site at Intertanko Presentations .   Contact : Howard Snaith ... More


Heavy weather photo competition

INTERTANKO is offering USD 100 for the best photograph of a member’s tanker in adverse or heavy weather conditions – storm, snow/ice, rain, sandstorm or whatever the weather was throwing at the ship at the time.   Our aim is to show that carrying the world’s oil safely, cleanly and efficiently is not always accomplished under clear blue skies and across calm sparkling seas, and that much of the...... More


INTERTANKO MD to expand on air emissions at Greek Shipping Summit

INTERTANKO’s Managing Director Dr. Peter Swift is giving a presentation in Athens in the afternoon of Thursday 8 November (alongside Espinoza Ferrey, Head of the Policy and Planning Unit in the Secretary General's Office at the IMO) in a session entitled "What is at stake in the increasingly shrill debate over air emissions, and what are the options for their control? The need for a holistic...... More


A leaked document is only part of a recipe

(The following article was published this week in Fairplay magazine and serves to clarify (through the eyes of a third party)  what happened over the leaked INTERTANKO report on ship emissions.)   A leaked document is only part of a recipe. And it is usually leaked to provide an incorrect, distorted or unbalanced view of the matter under discussion. And this is what happened in what we may call...... More


The aframax fleet

Johan G. Olsen (JGO), shipbroker, has issued a new aframax tanker fleet report that contains more ships than ever. In September there was a fleet of some 765 aframaxes (including 21 OBOs), of which the oil companies and state-owned companies had 216, and 146 were fixed until 2009 or later. That left 403 aframaxes in the spot market. JGO lists 304 tankers on order, 16 of which were reported to b...... More



  • 31 October 2007 – 1 November 2007 - Latin American Panel meeting, Buenos Aires
  • 5 November 2007 - Forum on Piracy and Armed Robbery, Singapore
  • 14 November 2007 - Executive Committee meeting, London
  • 14 November 2007 – Documentary Committee meeting, London
  • 14-15 November 2007 - Autumn Council meeting, London
  • 16 November 2007 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
  • 20 November 2007 – IT Committee meeting, Bergen, Norway     
  • 21 November 2007 – Half day (p.m.) Vetting Seminar, Hong Kong, China
  • 22 November 2007 - Vetting Committee meeting, Hong Kong, China
  • 26 November 2007 – Seafarers Vetting Seminar, Philippines
  • 20-23 April 2008 – INTERTANKO's Annual Tanker Event, Istanbul

... More


2006/7 publications catalogue   INTERTANKO's full publications catalogue for 2006/7 is available online as a downloadable pdf file   Four easy ways to order:   Download an this form and fax to our Oslo office on +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail to Order directly from our online bookshop Contact Petter...... More



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