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Friday, November 16, 2018

Heavy weather photo competition

INTERTANKO is offering USD 100 for the best photograph of a member’s tanker in adverse or heavy weather conditions – storm, snow/ice, rain, sandstorm or whatever the weather was throwing at the ship at the time.


Our aim is to show that carrying the world’s oil safely, cleanly and efficiently is not always accomplished under clear blue skies and across calm sparkling seas, and that much of the time is spent in heavy weather conditions that most oil consumers cannot even begin to imagine.


We are aware than the age of the digital camera has led to an increase in photography on board ship. Please circulate this request to your seafarers and encourage their participation


The winning photograph will be used in INTERTANKO’s next Annual Review and Report, and will be exhibited along with the runners up at INTERTANKO’s Tanker Event next April in Istanbul. 

Please send entries to Bill Box at INTERTANKO’s London office.