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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lars Carlsson speaks on ships' emissions

A number of INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO UK-based members attended a luncheon seminar last week at the Association's offices in London which focused on ships' emissions. Lars Carlsson, former INTERTANKO Chairman (2001 – 2004) and currently the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Shipping Emissions Abatement and Trading (SEAaT), discussed why it is vital for the shipping industry to be pro-active in finding solutions to further reduce emissions from ships. A copy of Carlsson's presentation can be viewed here or on the INTERTANKO website under Intertanko Presentations.


SEAaT is a cross-industry group encouraging and facilitating the efficient reduction of harmful emissions into the air from shipping (, and was founded in 2002 by Shell, BP, Stena, Carnival, P&O, Teekay and the national shipowners' associations of Norway and Sweden.


Carlsson stressed that globalisation and economic growth have been the focus of countries and companies for many years, which unfortunately has had a negative environmental impact and consequences. Environmental issues are now topping the world's political agenda. In particular, all types of emissions from ships are under increasing scrutiny from regulators. One of the solutions highlighted by Carlsson is to "reduce speed by better planning and you will reduce emissions drastically".


An emissions reduction trading exchange would enable the most cost-effective methods to be traced and a price tag continuously kept on emission reductions, and reward pro-activeness and innovation. Carlsson proposed that emissions trading could be used by those that wanted to sail faster to buy credits from those polluting less. "A trading system where the polluter pays heavy compensation to the low-emission alternatives will test the markets for speedy transportation and encourage environmentally friendly solutions," he said.


Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso