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Sunday, October 21, 2018

INTERTANKO Asian Panel meets in Singapore

INTERTANKO's Asian Panel held its first meeting of 2008 in Singapore this week, which was chaired by Dr. J H Lee from SK Shipping and was attended by 35 members from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.


On regional issues the Panel focused its discussion on some confusion relating to the differences between the delivery of bunkers in Singapore port waters and those off port limits. Panel members suggested that INTERTANKO issue advice to its members on this important distinction. A circular will be issued following further consultation and clarification with the Singapore Maritime Port Authority (MPA).


Members also considered the work of Singapore-based members in gathering views on the safety of navigation and environmental protection in the Malacca and Singapore Straits. Recognising that INTERTANKO and its members may be able to contribute to the work on the Cooperative Mechanism, views are being formulated in anticipation of sharing this work with those in the Cooperative Forum when it meets later in 2008.


The Panel also supported a campaign to encourage members to report on alleged inadequate port reception facilities in the Asia-Pacific region. Noting that reports from this particular region had been low, the Panel agreed that a concentrated, twelve-month campaign by INTERTANKO members may be a valuable way of obtaining an overview of the current situation and reveal any problem areas. Further details of the campaign will be circulated to members in due course.


Dr. Peter Swift, INTERTANKO Managing Director, was also present at the meeting and provided the Panel with an overview of INTERTANKO's key issues likely to be discussed at the Council meeting in April. Together with Tim Wilkins (INTERTANKO's Regional Manager for Asia) Dr. Swift gave an overview of INTERTANKO's latest figures on tanker incidents as well as an update and brief overview of INTERTANKO's Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS). Details of the latest developments in the review of MARPOL Annex VI on air pollution from shipping were also provided by the Secretariat.


Dr. Swift's discussion on the subject of air emissions (both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from shipping) was supplemented by a presentation by DNV Petroleum Services' (DNVPS's) Managing Director, Tore Morten Wetterhus. Wetterhus provided the Panel with a perspective on the air pollution debate which reflected the data obtained by DNVPS. Wetterhus explained that cost-effective measures were needed to address both air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from shipping. Reflecting on GHG emissions in particular, Wetterhus made the distinction between the possible reductions that could be achieved on newbuildings (up to about 40%) and those on existing vessels (a maximum of 10%). In the latter case, this would be achieved by a number of smaller contributing factors.


Click here to download Dr. Swift's presentation.


Contact: Tim Wilkins