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Friday, October 19, 2018

INTERTANKO Chairman addresses Bureau Veritas’ International General Committee

INTERTANKO’s Chairman, Nick Fistes, had the opportunity this week to address some 50 members of Bureau Veritas’ International General Committee and Council in Paris.


His presentation, entitled ‘Oil tankers under the spotlight’, focused on the vital role played by today’s tanker industry in satisfying an increasingly energy-hungry world – a role played out under the spotlight of regulators, the media and the public as well as under the scrutiny of flag states, classification societies, insurers, charterers, coastal states and port states.


He emphasised that, despite this scrutiny, the tanker industry is proud of its positive and significant achievements over the last 35 years, but added that the industry’s vision of zero fatalities, zero pollution and zero detentions prevents any complacency developing.


He stressed above all the importance of getting the ‘people’ part of the equation right, through encouraging cadet berths, onboard training facilities, the work of the Association’s Human Element in Shipping Committee and also its Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) initiative.


He criticised the criminalisation of seafarers and emphasised that ensuring fair treatment of our seafarers is our duty as ship owners.


He praised the Tripartite talks between class, shipbuilders and ship owners for increasing working together for the continuous improvement of the industry, the sharing of best practice and the formulating of practical measures as the basis of self-regulation.


He pointed to the industry working together on greenhouse gas emissions, and praised its proactive action on the climate change issue – particularly its combined submissions to the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee.


Contact: Bill Box