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Sunday, November 18, 2018

INTERTANKO in-house Seminars in China: COSCO Dalian and CS Tanker

INTERTANKO's Deputy Managing Director, Joseph Angelo, and Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Tim Wilkins, were warmly welcomed last week as they conducted two separate in-house INTERTANKO Seminars for Chinese member companies, COSCO Dalian and CS (China Shipping) Tanker, on 4 and 5 March in Dalian and Shanghai respectively.


During the Seminars, Angelo provided an update on INTERTANKO matters including membership numbers, budget, Secretariat, new leadership and the organisational structure. He followed by providing an overview of the key issues from the INTERTANKO Council and Executive Committee agendas, including facilitation payments, piracy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Wilkins meanwhile introduced some of the more regional issues being focused on by the Association, including the new China Oil Pollution Regulations and the discussion relating to pilotage in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Environmental issues also covered by Wilkins included a detailed introduction of the Tanker Energy Efficiency Management Plan (TEEMP) and INTERTANKO's Environmental Committee's consideration of the ballast water issue, from regulations to treatment technology options for tanker owners.


Debate and discussions during the course of the two days were broad and ranged from issues associated with the transiting of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore to the use of the INTERTANKO Freight, Demurrage Information Pool (FDIP).


Following the morning seminar at the COSCO Dalian headquarters, Angelo and Wilkins were given a tour of the COSCO Dalian Tanker Training facility on the outskirts of Dalian.


Click here and here to view photos.


INTERTANKO is grateful to both COSCO Dalian and CS Tanker for their warm welcome and hospitality during the Seminars.


Contact: Tim Wilkins