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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Council decisions on workplan priorities for 2011

At its meeting in November 2009 when considering the Organisational Review of INTERTANKO, the Association's Council agreed that some narrowing of the scope of activities and the assigning of priorities to the workplan were desirable.


To enable the Council to have a meaningful discussion on the workplan at the Council meeting in Singapore last week, the Secretariat had prepared a comprehensive consolidation of the existing workplan with proposed priorities for the Council's consideration. This consolidation was prepared in the form of a one-page table which included the proposed Core Purposes of INTERTANKO, the workplan issues under each Core Purpose, the high priority issues for each Core Purpose, Guiding Principles for Tactical Implementation and an Execution Plan for future action.


The Chairman requested the Council members to provide their input to the workplan and to the proposed priorities, to ensure that the workplan and its priorities reflect the Council's desires for 2011.


An extremely lively and productive discussion ensued with numerous comments and suggestions to enhance the workplan and priorities for 2011. The following is an overview of Council action on the workplan and priorities for 2011.


1. The workplan should be categorised into 6 Key Focus Areas which should be Safety/Technical, Seafarers, Environment, Marine Operations, Regulatory/Legal and Tanker Information.


2. The high priorities under each of these Key Focus Areas for 2011 should be the following:


  • Safety/Technical - damage stability, application of inert gas, shipyard and classification standards, fuel quality, mercury in crude oil.


  • Seafarers - criminalisation, TOTS, shore access, fair treatment of seafarers.


  • Environment - greenhouse gas emissions, air emissions, ballast water management, reception facilities.


  • Marine Operations - piracy, vetting, port state control, chemical operations, loadlines off the coast of South Africa.


  • Regulatory/Legal - sanctions, limits of liability, insurance, oil spill compensation.


  • Tanker Information - tanker market, panel meetings, the website.


3. New workplan issues should be submitted to the Council for its consideration and determination of appropriate priority.


4. The workplan is a living document and issues to be included in the workplan and priorities should be re-evaluated by the Council each year.


5. Goals and objectives of the Committees that have not yet been considered by the Council shall be provided to the Council at future meetings.


6. The Executive Committee should provide guidance and overview of the appropriate Committees and the Secretariat in the development of the details to implement the workplan.


The updated table providing the workplan, priorities, guiding principles and execution plan for 2011 incorporating the above Council comments can be seen by Members by clicking here.  This table will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at its meeting in November.


Contact: Joe Angelo