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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Peter Swift and Gunnar Knudsen retire this month

Dr Peter Swift retires this month after 10 years at INTERTANKO. His unwavering dedication to INTERTANKO combined with his unyielding determination, proactive approach and unerring ability to focus on what needs to be done have significantly enhanced our Association worldwide. As the Managing Director of INTERTANKO since 2001, he has broadened and deepened the profile of the organisation as well as actively promoting the tanker industry and its seafarers.

His colleagues will miss his boundless energy, and his infectious enthusiasm.


Gunnar Knudsen also retires this month after 14 years at INTERTANKO.

Members and colleagues will miss him

  • as Manager of the Ports & Terminals section where he maintained contact with maritime and port authorities and agents;
  • as Secretary of the Associate Members Committee and as our main contact for shipbrokers;
  • as Area Manager for Germany and Norway where he has looked after our Members for many years;
  • as Security Officer where he has been responsible for maritime security issues (including piracy) including representation at the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee meetings.

We have all enjoyed his quiet, good-natured temperament, and his ever-present good humour.


In farewell messages to colleagues, Peter and Gunnar have both expressed their deep appreciation for all the support they have received from, and the friendship they have enjoyed with, INTERTANKO’s secretariat, Members and Associate Members, as well as many others in the shipping industry. They have also asked that their best wishes be conveyed to all readers of the Weekly NEWS.