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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

INTERTANKO's Asian Panel meet in Tokyo

INTERTANKO's Asian Panel met in Tokyo earlier this week with an agenda covering regional and international tanker issues. With both the Deputy Managing Director, Joe Angelo, and the Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Tim Wilkins, the Panel covered a range of matters from greenhouse gas emissions to the new China oil pollution regulations.


On greenhouse gas emissions, Angelo provided the Panel with the latest developments following the COP 15 meeting and now going forward to the IMO MEPC 60 and 61 meetings in 2010. The main focus for the IMO would be in its consideration of the options being tabled in terms of market-based measures. During discussion on this issue some members voiced the concern that the cap-and-trade scheme would limit trade if the cap was applied incorrectly. Meanwhile Wilkins provided an update on the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) and its relevance to the new INTERTANKO Guide as well as the Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA) appendix on Fuel Management.


Angelo also provided the Panel with an update from the Council and Executive Committee discussions covering membership developments, budget and Secretariat developments, as well as the organisational review. On policy issues, Angelo covered criminalisation, facilitation payments, European Union and U.S. issues.


On the regional developments, the Panel considered the new oil pollution legislation being implemented in China. Wilkins, in his overview of the legislation, raised the concern that the implementation date has passed, yet no clear guidance has been given regarding the implementation process, the issuance of a list of approved oil spill contractors, nor an official English translation of the legislation.


The following presentations are available on our web:


INTERTANKO Overview Report - Joseph Angelo. Click here to view.

Update on key and regional issues - Tim Wilkins. Click here to view.

Greenhouse Gas emissions from ships - Joseph Angelo. Click here to view.

Update on Piracy - Joseph Angelo. Click here to view.


Contact: Tim Wilkins