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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

No. 5 2012 - 3 Feb




Fatigue under the spotlight as Project Horizon draws to a close

Project Horizon concluded this week at the MCA-run Human Element Advisory Group (HEAG) 15 meeting held at Warsash Maritime Academy. The focus of the meeting was on the serious issue of fatigue and was well attended by delegates from across the Industry. Project Horizon is a major, multi-partner European research study which brought together 11 academic institutions and shipping organisations. A...... More


Tankers through the Suez Canal

After a significant fall in 2009, total traffic through the Suez Canal has steadily increased over the last two years, almost back to where it was. But VLCC traffic has not returned to previous levels. Seventy nine part-laden VLCCs passed through the Canal northbound in 2011, compared to on average 158 VLCCs per year passing through between 2003-2008. Hardly any VLCCs use the Suez Canal...... More