Singapore issues warnings to two errant bunker suppliers

Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority has issued warnings and 'demerit points' to two errant bunker suppliers for supplying off-specification ship fuel. The action follows detection of aluminium and silicon levels above permissible limits in samples tested. The samples were taken from bunkers supplied by local companies Titan Bunkering and Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services.  

Responding to points made by Fairplay in a letter to The Business Times, the MPA said investigations had revealed that three samples that fulfilled procedures laid down under the SS CP60 code were tested. These samples were extracted from deliveries made between 9 October and 15 October and were found to have aluminium and silicon levels that were higher than the prescribed limit of 80mg/kg.  

The MPA had earlier rejected off-specification findings by testing agency DNV Petroleum Services on the grounds that seal numbers of samples tested were not entered in the bunker delivery notes as laid down by the CP60 Code. In an alert issued on 19 October DNVPS had warned that the levels of aluminium and silicon were sufficiently high to possibly cause engine damage. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta