Chemical Tanker Committee discusses Annex II and Inter-Industry Working Group in Singapore

Lars Modin, of Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group, chaired the 25th meeting of the INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) this week in Singapore. 

Many of the high focus INTERTANKO issues are on this Committee's agenda, including the ongoing work on the revisions to MARPOL Annex II, and the work of the Inter-Industry Working Group (IIWG) which has been assessing the series of explosions onboard chemical and small products tankers.  

The agenda of this meeting may be downloaded here.However, please note that due to the strict confidentiality agreements adhered to by the members of the IIWG we are unable to include two of the Appendices to the agenda in the web site agenda.  

We have, however, included the results of two surveys conducted by INTERTANKO - the "Tank Entry Survey" and the "Inert Gas Outfitting Survey". We would like to thank all our members who responded to the survey request, as input and feedback from members is essential to the work of INTERTANKO. 

The minutes of the meeting will be issued shortly. 

Contact: Howard Snaith