Damage from mislabelled chemical cargoes is manufacturer’s responsibility

A recent court case over the mislabelling (whether intentionally or unintentionally) of chemical cargoes shipped on container vessels, and the dangers that this can pose, could offer some pointers to the chemical tanker industry.  

Crucially, a U.S. court has recently found a U.S. manufacturer fully liable for losses arising from a containership fire because of insufficient warnings being given over the stability and risk of explosion of a chemical shipment, according to U.K. P&I Club bulletin 437 – 10/05

The U.K. Club goes on to warn that there have been other recent incidents involving chemicals being shipped (on container vessels) under inaccurate or even different names, and even being declared as not dangerous – such as Thiourea Dioxide being declared as Thiourea De and Thiourea D.  

It is perhaps worthy to note the additional importance that the courts are placing on the manufacturers to provide accurate and correct product safety information. 

Contact: Bill Box