Det Norske Veritas P&A Manual template available

The MARPOL Annex II Revisions will result in an amended IBC Code and new certification for cargoes and vessels.  Every chemical tanker is required to have a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) indicating that it is certified to carry certain products. The issuance of a CoF will also require a revised Procedures and Arrangements (P&A) Manual. The new P&A Manuals and the new Certificates need to be onboard each ship as of 1 January 2007 deadline. These documents must be approved/issued and forwarded to the ships before this date.  

We are therefore very pleased to advise members that Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has supplied guidelines and a templateto assist owners in the application of the new P&A manuals that will be required.

 The template is in pdf format for guidance. However, users are requested to contact DNV through the DNV Section mailbox to obtain the template in Word format for direct use. The reason for issuing this in PDF format at the current time is due to some minor adjustments that are expected during the next few months. DNV will also have a small spreadsheat for calculating the minimum water quantities / duration of a mandatory prewash.   

DNV has advised that the forwarding of these files to their users will be done free of charge but when owners submit the P&A Manual for approval for a DNV classed chemical tanker, DNV will charge a fee, which will be advised in due course. 

Contact: Howard Snaith  or  Margaret Doyle