INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee meets in London

The INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) held its 31st meeting this week in London, where it reviewed its goals and objectives together with the main issues of the day. It also discussed reports from its working groups:


·          Best Management Practice Working Group, to reduce cargo vapour emissions during tank cleaning

·          FOSFA Banned Last Cargo Working Group

·          Cleaning Standard Terminology Working Group


The Committee covered updates on the inert gas debate, on chemical accidents and on line draining issues.


Click here for the full agenda.


In addition the Best Management Practice Working Group of the Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (Americas) CTSCA also met for the day on 16 October to further its work in producing a set of best practices aimed at reducing cargo vapour emissions during tank cleaning.


Contact: Howard Snaith