INTERTANKO chairs U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Working Group on the development of Guidelines on implementation of the MARPOL Annex II revision

As reported in the December 2005 issue of the INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Review, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) does not intend to object under the provisions of Article 16 of MARPOL to the Annex II revision; thus the U.S. will become party to these amendments.  

The USCG will therefore be initiating a regulatory project to implement this revision. However, these regulations will not be completed in time for their entry into force date of 1 January 2007. The USCG regulations that will be in effect on that date will be the current regulations for the transport of Annex II substances. 

The USCG intends to develop a Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC), a guidance document to industry that will provide the industry with an elective (or alternative) method of complying with the regulations in effect. This elective method will reflect the revised Annex II. This NVIC is not expected to be issued until mid-2006.  

On 1 January 2007 the USCG will either enforce the regulations in effect OR the elective method. The NVIC will reflect the process that ship owners should follow if they choose to use the elective method. 

In November the USCG Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) formed the MARPOL Annex II Work Group, under the auspices of the CTAC Outreach Sub-Committee. The primary objectives of the MARPOL Annex II Work Group will be to develop a framework for the NVIC that will be used to implement MARPOL Annex II. This Work Group is being chaired by the INTERTANKO Chemicals Manager, Margaret Doyle. 

During the last meeting of the MARPOL Annex II Work Group held on 14 December 2005 in Houston, TX, the outline of the NVIC was developed and forwarded to the members of CTAC, the Outreach Subcommittee and the MARPOL Annex II Work Group for review and comment. Members are advised that as this is a draft document at this stage, it may change considerably as the work develops. It has not been "issued" by the USCG, it is merely a framework intended for review by the members of the Work Group to serve as a starting point for input. 

The purpose of this process to is to ensure that the input provided ensures that the guidelines developed are of optimum use to both the industry and the USCG. Participation in any CTAC Subcommittee or Working Group is open to the public. When the work is completed the final NVIC will be issued by the USCG. 

The most recent review of the Working Group Action items (including the MARPOL Annex II outline ) was held 17 January 2006 via conference call. The next CTAC Subcommittee and Working Group Meeting will be held 8 February 2006 at the American Commercial Barge Line LLC (ACBL) headquarters in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and will be chaired by INTERTANKO. 

A full report of those meetings will be included in the issue of the Weekly News that follows. 

Contact: Margaret Doyle