INTERTANKO vegoil viscosity data submission to the IMO’s MEPC 56/6/

INTERTANKO last week submitted for consideration at MEPC 56 a submission entitled MEPC 56/6/8. In this submission (click here to view), INTERTANKO proposes that BLG Circular BLG.1/Circ.18 be amended to include viscosity data for vegetable oils being transported under the Revised MARPOL Annex II and the amended IBC Code.


In 2006, IMO developed a proforma "optional shipping document" to be used if a ship operator feels it necessary to clarify the names of products carried on board its vessels. The document developed as part of submission MEPC 56/6/8 uses BLG.1/Circ.18 as its starting point. However, as industry has seen, since the MARPOL Annex II revisions came into effect, there have been recurring problems with a lack of information and documentation relative to vessels carrying vegetable oils. Difficulty in complying with the amended IBC Code occurs when a vessel arrives in port without the required information for carriage of certain Category Y products that reference “special requirements” in the amended IBC Code.


It is the intention of this submission to alleviate some of the problems related to this issue.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Margaret Doyle