MEPC - List of reclassified products reviewed

As part of the agenda for the 55th session of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 55), the Committee reviewed and accepted MEPC 55 WP 8, a working paper developed by the drafting group tasked to review the amendments to the International Bulk Chemical (IBC) Code.


MEPC WP 8 contains a list of the products that have been classified or re-classified since the adoption of the amended IBC Code at MEPC 52 and at the 79th Session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 79) in 2004, together with the products to be included (to date) in the December 2006 issue of the MEPC.2 Circular.


Although the amendments made since the 2004 adoption will not be officially entered into the Code until 2009, all the products amended or added since then will be included in MEPC.2 Circular 12 due out 31 December 2006.


An electronic version of this document will be made available on INTERTANKO’s website next week.


Contact: Margaret Doyle