MEPC 56 - MARPOL Annex II 3000m3 issue debate concludes at IMO

As members will be aware, there has been considerable confusion and debate within the industry regarding this issue, particularly concerning IMO Ship Type 2 and Ship Type 3 chemical tankers. This has been widely reported in our earlier Weekly NEWS articles and chemical  bulletins: 


INTERTANKO, in cooperation with Singapore, Norway, and the Marshall Islands, made a joint submission MEPC 56/6/3 to MEPC highlighting our concerns and views regarding the issue.


During the debate at MEPC 56 (9-13 July 2007) the following conclusion was agreed by the Committee as follows:


"In conclusion, the majority of those who spoke agreed with the points raised by the Netherlands and IPTA, that allowing the carriage of any cargo including Vegetable Oil in excess of the 3000m3 operational limit on a ship type 2 chemical tanker is in violation of the provisions of the convention and would distort competition and penalise the owners that are compliant with the provisions of the convention. Therefore the committee did not agree with the views expressed in document MEPC 56/6/3, MEPC 56/6/7 (Korean Submission) and MEPC 56/6/13 (Liberian Submission) and decided to urge all parties to take into account the outcome of the debate".


There was also discussion of the practice of downgrading a Ship Type 2 to a Ship Type 3 in order to maximise the carriage requirements, and whilst some delegates did say that they did not like this approach there was a general agreement that it was not illegal to do so.


However, as of going to press (13 July 2007) the final debate in Plenary has yet to take place, and this information is therefore without guarantee and a final report will be provided in next week’s Weekly NEWS.


Contact: Howard Snaith