MSC 81 - Inter Industry Group chemical/product tanker accident reports discussed

As advised in our article in Weekly NEWS No. 18/2006 of 5 May 2006 the joint Inter Industry Group report concerning accidents onboard chemical tankers and small chemical tankers was discussed this week at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 81). 

The MSC concluded that the recommendations listed in paragraphs 13-17 of the IIG submission (Document MSC 81/8/1) will be referred to the appropriate sub-committees and the human element working group for their consideration. 

In particular, paragraph 14 of the IIG submission regarding the application of inert gas to new oil tankers of less than 20,000 DWT and to new chemical tankers and existing oil and chemical tankers, has been referred to the FP (Fire Protection Sub-Committee) and D&E (Design & Equipment Sub-Committee). 

One government proposed that the transportation of chemical and product oils should be completely revised. In this context, it was proposed that a correspondence group should be established to start this review. This proposal was not supported by other governments at this time, on the basis that it was felt inappropriate to establish a correspondence group on the issue before a new work programme item had been submitted. 

The proposal to establish a correspondence group at this session was therefore withdrawn, but a proposal to MSC 82 for a new work programme for the review of the transportation of chemical and product oils will be made in due course by the government concerned. 

MSC 82 will take place in early December 2006 and thus we expect work programme items will be submitted soon. 

The joint IIG submission to MSC 81 can be viewed by clicking on MSC 81/8/1 and MSC INF.8

The INTERTANKO position on this issue was advised in our earlier weekly news item and can be accessed here 

INTERTANKO will continue to be actively involved on this very important issue and members will be kept fully advised. 

Contact: Howard Snaith