MSC 82 - IIG Submission on explosions on chemical tankers & small product tankers - Human Element aspects

As advised in our earlier Weekly NEWS, INTERTANKO, along with its partners from the Inter-Industry Group (IIG), submitted its further findings contained in MSC 82/10/3 to this session of MSC. The Human Factors working group at MSC considered this submission along with the IIG earlier submissions MSC81/8/1 and MSC 81/INF.8 which may be accessed here.  


Following review of the documents the following conclusions were drawn:


·           It was difficult to draw conclusive analysis from existing casualty reports due to the lack of human element considerations during these investigations, i.e. investigators asking the relevant questions to determine if the human element was a contributing factor in the casualty.

·          The industry's review of its procedures and guidelines was a very positive step towards resolving the issue.

·          There was a need to review and strengthen requirements leading to Dangerous Cargo Endorsements (DCEs).

·          Member States should provide reports of casualty investigations to the FSI Sub-Committee expeditiously with a view to achieving a constant and consistent analysis to ensure that such accidents and incidents do not recur.

·          In considering the need for extending the requirements for DCEs to operational shore staff, including terminal personnel and cargo surveyors, it was agreed that the possibility should be explored and the IIG was invited to submit a proposal for consideration.

·          In the context of the medium term measures identified by the IIG, a proposal would be submitted for discussion at a future session of the group.

·          In view of the foregoing, the group agreed that the STW Sub-committee should review the requirements leading to Dangerous Cargo Endorsements (DCEs) for seafarers under its agenda item "Comprehensive review of the STCW Convention and the STCW Code".


MSC 82 will therefore be requested to instruct STW 38 to review the requirements leading to Dangerous Cargo Endorsements (DCEs) for seafarers


Contact: Howard Snaith or Margaret Doyle