MSC/MEPC - Viscosity Circular issued

As reported in the INTERTANKO Weekly NEWS of 13 July 2007, difficulties in complying with the amended International Bulk Chemical (IBC) Code have been occurring when a vessel arrives in port without the required information for the carriage of certain Category Y products that reference special requirements in the amended IBC Code - specifically paragraphs 16.2.6 and 16.2.9 regarding the supply of information pertaining to viscosity and melting point for solidifying cargoes.

During MEPC 56, the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) agreed, with the concurrence of INTERTANKO, that the simplest way to address this issue would be by issuing a Circular requesting Member States to bring this requirement to the attention of the relevant sectors of the Industry. The proposal to develop such a Circular was also endorsed at the last session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). 

In October as a follow up to MEPC 56, INTERTANKO also issued an "optional" shipping document. This document may still be of use in the event that the information is still not supplied as required by MSC-MEPC.2 Circ 7.

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This Circular was developed, in part, as a response to an INTERTANKO submission to MEPC 56 regarding one aspect of the revisions to MARPOL Annex II in relation to recurring problems with the lack of information and documentation relative to vessels carrying solidifying cargoes - in particular vegetable oils. The intent of the Circular is to "draw the attention of the parties concerned to operational requirements of the IBC Code with regard to the provision of information on cargoes carried in accordance with that instrument."

Parties are requested to bring this Circular to the attention of their respective chemical, vegetable oil and oleochemical industries, and to draw attention to their obligation to provide information to the carrier pertaining to viscosity and melting point of products prior to shipment, in accordance with paragraphs 16.2.6 and 16.2.9 of the IBC Code.


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Contact: Margaret Doyle or Howard Snaith