Marpol Annex II reception facility survey report

Members will note that INTERTANKO has kept them advised of the work being undertaken on reception facilities, both within the Port Reception Facility Forum and within the IMO. We recently advised you of the discussion and our input at IMO during FSI 14 regarding Reception facilities.

Following on from this, the IMO is in the process of further developing its Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) database, which can be accessed at the following link . The area of interest to chemical owners is the Annex II reception facility information that is available within the GISIS web site, and also the manner in which the information is presented and the detail of the information - not only at the current time but especially when the revision to Annex II comes into force on 1.1.2007 and particularly the additional requirements regarding pre-wash for certain Veg Oils.

INTERTANKO therefore had the opportunity in our discussions with the IMO Secretariat to supply our input and feedback on not only what information is or would be beneficial to you (the users), but also the format of the way the information could be presented.


We undertook a survey of chemical tanker members on this issue.The replies we received to our survey have now being collated into a report and submitted to the IMO Secretariat to help and assist them with regards to the IMO GISIS database work that is being undertaken. We are pleased to also make this report available to members and this can be downloaded at the following link.


Contact: Howard Snaith