Report of EHS 41 available

The 41st session of the GESAMP Working Group on the Evaluation of the Hazards of Harmful Substances Carried by Ships (EHS 41) was held at IMO Headquarters, London, from 9 to 13 May 2005 

In preparation for participation in the 11th Session of the BLG Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH 11) INTERTANKO has reviewed the report of this meeting (click here to view). The report will be an agenda item for discussion at ESPH 11 to be held 24-28 October 2005. 

The agenda items discussed included: 

·          Matters arising from the IMO and other organisations relevant to the activities of the Working Group including a discussion of the products for which data is still missing;

·          Criteria for estimating inhalation toxicity ratings;

·          Evaluation of new substances proposed for bulk transport by ships (existing and revised procedures);

·          Correspondence with the industry and consideration of queries from industry related to evaluations;

·          Consolidation of all the evaluations made to date including lube oil additives, action required in the database from EHS 40 and solidifying floating substances as persistent floaters;

·          Re-evaluation of the products in the IBC Code with missing pollution and/or safety data;

·          Future work programme and dates of the following sessions. 

Click here for an INTERTANKO synopsis of the meeting report.


Contact: Margaret Doyle