Singapore to track road vehicles carrying hazardous materials from July 2005

As quite a few members use road tankers, we draw to your attention that Singapore will begin tracking road vehicles which are carrying hazardous materials from July 2005. This will apply to road vehicles which carry more than three tonnes of flammable materials such as petroleum or acetylene or more than one tonne of toxic chemicals.  

These vehicles will be fitted with a GPS (Global Positioning System) that will allow the authorities to track their location in real time. (Vehicles registered in other countries will have the tracking device installed at a border checkpoint when they enter Singapore.) They will only be allowed to travel along approved routes away from highly populated areas in daylight hours. Any vehicle deviating from the pre-approved routes or times will set off an alarm in the tracking system, triggering the vehicle's horn and hazard lights.

Source : Reuters News Service  

Contact: Howard Snaith