USCG update on harmonisation of revised MARPOL Annex II/amended IBC Code with U.S. regulations

The IMO has published IMO Circular MEPC.1 Circ 542 on the subject of a communication received from the U.S. Coast Guard concerning the implementation plan to prepare for the pending implementation of the revised MARPOL Annex II regulations and the amended IBC Code.


The United States wishes to clarify the effect of any apparent inconsistencies between the revised Annex II/amended IBC Code and domestic regulations during the time it takes to review existing regulations. In some cases new administrative rules may have to be developed to replace or supplement existing ones.


Until such time as the U.S. changes the relevant regulations to harmonise them with the revised Annex II and amended IBC Code, foreign flag ships trading at U.S. ports and U.S. flag ships trading at foreign ports must comply fully with all the applicable revisions of MARPOL Annex II and the applicable provisions of U.S. law and regulations, which may impose stricter requirements.


For example, U.S. regulations require that vessels carrying vegetable oils and animal fats in bulk meet double hull requirements that are more stringent (see 33 CFR 157.10d ) than those contained in the revised MARPOL Annex II.


As advised by INTERTANKO recently, the USCG will be producing interim guidance for shipping under a Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC), which will be made available on the USCG web site


INTERTANKO will advise you immediately when the NVIC is available.



Click here to view IMO Circular MEPC 1. Circ 542.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Margaret Doyle