22 March Deadline for entry into force of Californian Ballast Rules

New ballast rules due to enter into force on 22 March will see a requirement placed on coastal trading ships wishing to discharge in Californian waters. At present, requirements require ships coming from outside the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)) to exchange ballast water no less than 200 nautical miles off shore and in water deeper than 200 metres. The extension of these requirements on 22 March will require ships to ballast exchange when making coastal voyages within the Pacific Coast Region. 

Specifically, this will include vessels coming from as far north as Canada, with the Pacific Coast Region defined as the coastal waters ranging from the Aleutian Islands (approximately equal to the Cooke Inlet, Alaska) to near the tip of Baja California. However, those vessels bringing ballast from the Pacific Coast Region will not have to comply with the 200 mile requirement but may exchange ballast in near-coastal waters, defined as waters 50 nautical miles or more off shore and of 200 metres or more in depth.  

Click here for the full notice from the California State Lands Commission. 

Contact: Tim Wilkins