Ballast Water Guidelines – MEPC 53

Following the frenzied activity last week in preparing a number of the Guidelines aimed at assisting in the implementation of the International Ballast Water Management Convention, there was a more regimented approach to the simple approval of the draft Guidelines with the following sets now approved and being prepared for circulation: 

- Guidelines for Ballast Water Management Equivalent


- Guidelines for Ballast Water Management and the 

   Development of Ballast Water Management Plans

- Guidelines for Ballast Water Exchange

- Guidelines for the Approval of Ballast Water

   Management Systems

- Procedure for the Approval of Ballast Water

  Management Systems that make  use of Active


Substantial work was undertaken on the remaining 9 sets of guidelines, all of which will be completed by the end of 2006. 

Importantly for this Committee, and for the progress of the Convention itself, was the result of the Review Group which was tasked with assessing whether or not technology exists to meet the treatment standard which ships will have to meet when the Convention enters into force in 2009. In its assessment on the state of technology and the possibility of technology meeting the standards in the future, it was noted that it was the cost effectiveness of the systems which had not been proven. Overall, the group did not agree outright that technology would be available in time, and as a result, the Committee agreed that there should be a second review session during its 55th meeting in late 2006 to assess whether progress had been made on the technologies reviewed at this session.

Contact: Tim Wilkins