Ballast treatment technology gains type approval

Only three months after the IMO decided that there was an insufficient number of ballast treatment systems available to meet the first implementation deadline of the IMO's Ballast Water Convention, NEI Treatment Systems Inc. has gained type approval for its ballast water treatment system.


NEI Treatment Systems was awarded the INTERTANKO Environmental Challenge Award in 2004 and has now become one of only two ballast treatment manufacturers to obtain type approval by a flag administration.


Working closely with the Liberian Register and ABS in the University of Maryland Centre for Environmental Science, the treatment technology successfully met the criteria for a ballast treatment system as per the IMO Convention discharge requirements. Of particular interest in the design is the fact that it does not require the use of chemicals, or active substances, as referred to in the Convention. This latter element has meant a pre-approval process by the IMO for many of the other treatment systems due to gain type approval over the coming six months.


NEI's system itself is the Venturi Oxygen Stripping (VOS) system, which is a deoxygenating technology removing 95% of the dissolved oxygen in the ballast water. It is suggested that an additional advantage of such a system is that by removing the oxygen in the ballast tanks, a reduction in ballast corrosion and coating degradation may be achieved.


Further information on the system can be found on the NEI Treatment System's website:


Contact: Tim Wilkins